Ending Domestic Animal Abuse

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Law 4 Paws: Ending Domestic Animal Abuse

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". -Mahatma Ghandi

Welcome to Laws4Paws.org! This nonprofit organization supports domestic animal rights through educating young people about treating animals with kindness, raising money for Humane Societies and Societies of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and working to create animal abuse registries legislatively through meeting and gaining support from legislative officials.

We hear the terrible animal abuse cases every day. Sometimes we can't bear to listen and we simply don't want to admit that something so cruel and inhumane could be happening to innocent creatures. So we don't do anything. We don't take action, but it is necessary that we be their voices! The animals need our help and Laws 4 Paws, Inc. was created to do just that.
The link between animal abuse and child abuse is unimaginable. When animals in a home are neglected, it is a red flag that the household may not be safe. More than 80 percent of family members being treated for child abuse also had abused animals. In two-thirds of these cases, an abusive parent had killed or injured a pet. In one-third of these cases, a child victim continued the cycle of violence by abusing a pet.

This just further supports the importance of ending domestic animal abuse.
We can do it. We can put an end to the violence and neglect that these innocent animals face every day. I encourage you to browse the rest of Laws4Paws.org to find how you can make a difference in the lives of thousands of living beings.

"To educate our people, and especially our children, to humane attitudes and actions toward living things is to preserve and strengthen our national heritage and the moral values we champion in the world". ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

-Olivia Fiss, Vice President

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Established in January 2014, the Laws 4 Paws, Inc. is a non-profit initiative to end domestic animal abuse. The organization provides three core values; Education, Fund Raising, and being Proactive with law makers to adopt an animal abuse registry.

Educating young people on how to treat animals and also to report animal abusers to local authorities. This will instill respect for animal’s lives and recognize it is wrong to abuse animals and that they should tell someone, i.e. teacher, parent or police, when they are aware of an animal being abused.

Fund raising for local animal shelters will help maintain facilities that provide continued care for abused animals and their awareness programs.

Being proactive with local and statewide law makers to adopt an animal abuse registry is high priority for Laws 4 Paws, Inc.  By having an animal abuse registry it would provide an online database of convicted animal abusers. This database could be accessed by anyone before an animal is adopted, sold or given away to future pet owners. This would prevent an animal abuser from obtaining new victims, thus ending the cycle of animal abuse.



Olivia Fiss is the founder and Vice President of Laws for Paws, Inc.   In 2012, at age thirteen, Olivia decided she wanted to participate in the Miss America Outstanding Teen program, a program that would teach her lifelong skills and build character to be a good citizen. She needed a platform to advocate and promote and so she chose a platform that she is passionate about. To end domestic animal abuse by having an animal abuse registry introduced into law.

She has been honored with two Florida local titles, Miss Pinellas County’s Outstanding Teen 2013 and Miss Orlando’s Outstanding Teen 2014. Having these titles allow her public exposure to promote her platform.

Olivia has shared her interest of a state animal abuse registry with Florida Senator Jeff Brandes and Representatives Mark Danish and Dana Young. To better educate herself with government and lawmaking, she has been a Senate Page in Tallahassee for two years and attended animal court in Tampa, Florida.

Olivia has networked with Mr. Geoff Fleck, a contract attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Criminal Justice Program.  The Animal Legal Defense Fund has agreed to support Olivia’s mission for an animal abuse registry.


“Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer

Domestic animal abuse happens every day. You see it in the news and read it in the papers.


“150 cats found in abandoned home without food or water”….”man arrested after claimed guilty of strangling Chihuahua to death”… “50 neglected, starving pitbulls found in basement of New York complex”. These are just some of the minor acts of animal cruelty REPORTED.  There are thousands of abusers that are not held accountable, simply by their acts of cruelty not being reported to authorities.


First, we must be able to recognize an abused animal. The following link provides information on how to recognize the signs of animal abuse/cruelty.




Even if you suspect an animal being abused you should call your local police or humane animal shelter. They have the experience to recognize and the authority investigate the animal’s situation.  The following link provides helpful information on reporting animal cruelty.




Educating children to be kind to animals teaches them the proper way animals should be treated.

Unfortunately, not all children are taught to be kind to animals. Through education we can help break the cycle of animal abusers.

Olivia reads a book to children on how to treat animals at schools and daycares.  She interacts with them in activities and opens an opportunity for the children to ask questions.

The following link provides information on how you can do your part to educate children.




Though many states have filed for an animal abuse registry law, none have been successful.


On October 12, 2010, Suffolk County, NY, unanimously passed a law that created the nation’s first animal-abuser registry. Rockland County and Albany County, both of New York has joined the list with Suffolk County in creating a law for animal-abuser registries.  Although this is monumental, it should only be the beginning. It is our responsibility to speak up for those that cannot and educate ourselves what we can do to follow what these three counties did for their community.


The link below has the list of states that have filed an animal abuse registry bill along with their status.




Every state has animal cruelty laws with penalties that vary from a misdemeanor to a felony.  These vary from state to state, set up by our lawmakers and enforced by the courts.

To view your state’s animal cruelty laws along with the punishment if convicted, please visit the link below.



We elect our local government officials into office and they are very interested in hearing what the people who elected them want.  Please visit the link below to find your local officials and write them a letter or call them in support of an animal abuse registry.  Don’t forget to follow up on your inquiry to them.